Giving back

During the months of November and December we will be donating €5 from all sales to Tappancs Animal Welfare Organisation and Shelter in Szeged, Hungary. FONOTT founder, Hajni is originally from this area and she finds it important to give back to a charity close to her hometown and to her heart. 

The Tappancs Shelter is currently home to approximately 130 dogs and 40 cats found on the streets or handed over to the shelter by people who no longer wanted them. The team of Tappancs believes that there will be a time when animal shelters will no longer be in need because all animals will have a responsible and loving home. They are committed to the health, safety and happiness of all animals in their care and are aiming to find the perfect new family for them as quickly as possible. The Tappancs team finds it important to educate Hungarian people about responsible pet ownership. Events are regularly organised for children and adults alike where they can learn more about the realities of owning a pet.

The collected amount was donated to Tappancs on January 8, 2019 via bank transfer.

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.