Created in 2017, FONOTT is a brand of artisanal basket bags for the woman who is intellectual, cool, and a bit of a romantic. In September, 2018 The Pouch was added to FONOTT's collection of bags as a natural next step to baskets.
The story
FONOTT was born on a quest to create a basket that make sense in your life. Our brand DNA carries this unique message as well. Instead of adding yet an other item to your ever growing wardrobe, we want to give you an essential piece that will serve more than just a fashion purpose.
Our brand values are:
Sustainability: Our products are made in small quantities by Hungarian artisans from renewable materials sourced in Hungary. 
Mindfulness: It's important to stay aware of what's happening in the world. We support the women's right movement, female entrepreneurs and a cruelty free way of life and business.
Joie de vivre: FONOTT emphasises the small joys of life. Our baskets are the perfect companions for a trip to the market, a picnic in the park or grabbing coffee with friends.
For any inquiries, questions and requests please contact us.
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