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Are basket bags anti-fashion?

Birkenstocks. Dad sneakers. Fanny packs. All of these anti-fashion must-haves are either going to send a shiver down your spine or make your heart skip a beat, because they are comfortable, familiar, practical, and until recently have been categorised as ugly. Now that they are part of streetwear and big fashion houses are putting their logos on them they are no longer considered ugly in the shameful sense of the word. They might still be ugly, but they are also cool, quirky, edgy, and most importantly, desirable.  Anti-fashion is rebelling against traditional luxury and fashion rules. Tim Gunn, equipped with an extraordinary sense of style  might consider Crocs “aesthetically offensive”, but that didn’t stop Balenciaga from making them into one of...

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Basket Outfit of The Week - July 16

HOT HOT HOT That is how the weather forecast is for this week. We are not even going to try to hide it, only holiday and ice cream are on our mind. That's why we put together this delicious outfit with a yellow striped dress inspired by the sweetest of lemon slushies and rainbow slippers. And because we our celebrating our birthday this week we could not have chosen any other basket than Audrey, our O.G basket. Enjoy the week ahead!    

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Basket Outfit of the Week - July 2

It's been very busy around here in the past few weeks so we skipped a few basket outfits. To make amends we brought you three outfits for the upcoming week. Temperatures will be in the mid and higher 20s, so we'll be wearing our favourite shorts and skirts. Outfit #1 is featuring our recently renamed basket, Audrey, previously known as No.1 basket. Leopard midis seem to be all over Instagram, and needless to say they go perfectly with basket bags. We added some minimalistic sandals and Lady Diana tribute tee. The second outfit is a cheerful ensemble for the beach. Of course we added the large Julie basket here: she will take you to the beach with a beach towel and flip flops in tow. Outfit #3 has some...

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Basket Outfit of the Week - June 11

We skipped a week so this time we bring you two outfits instead of one. The first basket outfit is inspired by Rachael, who wore her No.1 basket with a pair of ankle boots. Wear your basket with a romantic midi-dress and ankle boots for a vintage inspired look. Perfect for date-night or if you just want to feel like your best Parisienne self.   The second outfit is more on the casual side, perfect for going places and getting things done. The large Julie basket will fit a lot of stuff, the sneakers will make sure that your feet won't hurt while adding some edge to the outfit with their espadrilles-like platform and the shirt dress will keep you breezy...

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Basket Outfit of the Week - May 28

Keep the Bloody Mary's away from this week's all white outfit. This week we are pairing our boho peasant shirt with a white denim skirt for a city-appropriate outfit. Add some flat sandals for maximum comfort and take the Rosie basket with you for maximum shopping capacity. Have a good week ahead!

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